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Please see examples above. Once you have your Facebook business account set up and linked to your Instagram business account, add a catalog from your Facebook business account manually adding the images one by one. Make sure to also set up a Facebook pixel on your website.

Add the pricing and information and the link to your landing page you created for this purpose on your website. The URL on…

For galleries, artists, and art dealers…

Michael Hlousek-Nagle

Instagram is fast becoming a virtual mall with each account having the potential to be a shop window.

Facebook, which is the backbone of Instagram shopping recently added a new feature where someone else’s post may be featured in your own shop. Let’s say for example that you are a gallery and have set up an Instagram shop on your business Instagram account and one of your artists has posted an image of them or of the artwork on their Instagram account. …

An attempt to visualize an art collection without offering any images in doing so in the form of a short story…

In the morning after a cup of black coffee, she decided she was hungry and opted for the leftover egg roll and dumplings from the previous night. She looks for the chopsticks sticking out with the rest of the utensils and picks up the last of the dumplings and places it whole in her mouth. She lets the sauce squish around a little before swallowing. It quickly reminds her of other slippery things held against her tongue. …

The stories behind some of the artworks I’ve seen posted on social media…

Social media is the 15 seconds of fame Andy Warhol predicted so many decades ago. Every artists has about that much time or less to capture the attention of their audience. If their audience stops long enough to read the the commentary the artist posted, they may find out a little more about the artwork but those first few seconds of grabbing the attention of followers swiping up and down on their apps is crucial.

Christina Ramos | The Butcher’s Daughter | acrylic on birch panel | 2020 | Photo reference: Facebook

One such artwork which made me stop swiping is The Butcher’s Daughter

These are stories of artists who primarily work in the figurative arts….

Many artists mostly work from home so the lockdown did not affect them the same as other professions although they had to adapt quickly to Zoom meetings to be able to connect with their galleries, communities, and to conduct workshops for their students.

Besides COVID-19 many other disasters happened in 2020 including fires in California and Australia, civil unrest, and the outcome of the election kept us waiting with baited breath for the results not only in the USA but in other countries as well.

Doug Webb | Under The Influence, 2020 | acrylic on linen | 30 x 24 inches

Doug Webb, his…

Think of an algorithm as a road to take to get from here to there. The faster you want to get from here to there is how an algorithm works. Each social media platform has their own internal roads. If you happen to post during rush hour you may have the chance to be surrounded by multiple other riders trying to get from here to there.

Depending on whether you are in the carpool lane or or a fire truck, you may get there faster. …

Megan Elizabeth Read | Sliding, 2020 | oil on board | 12 x 12 inches

Photorealism a genre of art coined by Louis K. Meisel to describe paintings and drawings which were attempts to reproduce photography as realistic as possible. It got its start around the time man was landing on the moon.

Since the start of photorealism it has been argued why not just be happy with the photograph? What were these photorealists trying to prove? …

And the results are hilariously fascinating and heartwarming.

Alessandro Tomassetti | Boys Don’t Cry, 2020 | oil on wood

In his bold paintings of contemporary men, figurative painter Alessandro Tomassetti combines his naturalistic rendering style with a tenebrous palette and dramatic lighting to create work which is as seductive as it is subversive. Rather than presenting his male subjects as mythological heroes or captains of industry, Tomassetti paints to reveal their vulnerability and sensitivity. From the pose, expression and styling to the glints of light and reflection captured in his brushstrokes, Tomassetti’s work manifests an intimacy most often associated with paintings of female subjects. …

#photorealism #contemporaryrealism #oilpainting

Nicole on location with her model who is also her daughter.

Nicole Finger paints from her studio in Telluride, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BFA in Studio Art. Her work shows both locally and nationally in juried and solo exhibitions and can be seen in many private and corporate collections as well as national publications.

Finger is primarily recognized for her bold, hyperrealistic, close-cropped and oversized oil paintings. Evoking an emotional response without imposing any particular statement is her goal. …

Rainer Andreesen at the opening for his solo show during the pandemic, June 2020.

These portraits, many of them self-portraits, were created during the pandemic. Many artists during this time resorted to video conferences such as ZOOM to continue to paint live. Some were initiated and prompted on social media such as #portraitsforusheroes and by other artists such as Tom Croft with hopefully the end result in the works having an exhibition.

Artists have worked in isolation for centuries so the lockdown did not affect the their time creating but it did affect what they worked on and how to…

Didi Menendez

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